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Young Humanists is very excited to introduce its first publication, Does every question need an answer? A guide to open-ended questioning for parents. 

Why are we here? Where will Rover go when he dies? Why does Aisha’s family go to mosque and we don’t?

As every parent knows, children love to ask questions. Our practical guide, written by school teacher Lian Montgomery and illustrated by Kathleen Chagall Design, helps you to respond to children’s enquiries about life’s big (and small) questions in an open-ended way.

Top tips and ideas on how to have open and honest conversations are laid out in an easy-to-digest format. So if you’re a parent, grandparent, guardian, educator or anyone else interested in helping children to think critically and creatively, download the guide today.

Download the guide

Click here to download the guide.

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Message from the author

Lian Montgomery lives in Vietnam and so was unable to join the illustrator Kathleen van Geete and Young Humanists’ coordinator Alice Fuller at a workshop they ran for parents, grandparents, educators and others on how to use the e-book to have open-ended conversations on 21 June 2015. The video was shown at that event enabling Lian to be there ‘in spirit’ and to explain to everyone how the e-book came to be.

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Credit: Artwork by Kathleen Chagall Design. © Young Humanists 2015.



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